CashNetUSA Paday Loans




Someone who has a poor credit score may still have a chance to be approved with this cash advance company.  Some customers may need to send in further paperwork or financial information to verify personal and banking data.  This is often required if there is an issue with a credit report or past employment. 

Instant Decision! - Fast Money!

Simple 5-minute online application without the need for faxing or irrelevant paperwork, allows for an instant email notification of the approval of application! This fast efficient service enables the applicant to access their funds usually by the next business day!

Ease of Operations!

Convenience of a 24 hour, 7 day a week customer service hotline, email or live chat facilities along with the simplicity of ACH (Automated Clearing House) for credits and debits provides a quick, effective, stress-free method of obtaining funds and making repayments!


High rates

State and federal regulated legislation regarding payday terms and conditions often result in a fee structure that at first glance can be difficult to understand and thus may contain an APR that is higher than that of other forms of loans.

Company Overview

Since opening their company well over a decade ago this cash advance lender is now seen as a leader in the short term term financial marketplace. They have a long time focus on assisting people with various finance needs that go far beyond payday loans.  They also assist applicants who are in need of car title loans and long term advances.  This company also operates dozens of retail and storefront lending operations throughout the country.  CashNet has over 100 locations in California alone that further assist applicants with all their borrowing and check cashing requests.

Currently, they work with prospective borrowers in many states all across the country.  The financial products provided by this company are various and always changing.  While the focus is definitely on payday advances, they also help consumers with tax issues and do financing for online title loans.

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